Meet Your Leadership Interview – Adam Nowland

Mar 29, 2022

Last October, Adam Nowland was hired to be the new Director of the UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation and UPMC Jameson Healthcare Foundation. Learn more about his background, his experience and his vision for the Foundations in the future.

What was your work experience prior to coming to UPMC Horizon and UPMC Jameson?

I was at my alma mater, Grove City College, where I held the title of Director of Planned Giving. I worked in the Development office there for seven years. I am originally from outside of Toledo, Ohio, and after obtaining my undergraduate degree, I got a Juris Doctor degree and an MBA from the University of Toledo. Prior to my job at Grove City College, I practiced business and estate planning law in Toledo.

What drew you to the job with the foundations?

I saw it as an opportunity to serve in a leadership role and make a big impact on the hospitals and the community. It is a great fit for my skill set, combining my professional development and management background. This a good opportunity for me to serve other people, and I enjoy that aspect of this position. I enjoy the nonprofit world, serving a cause you can believe in, and working toward something bigger than yourself.

What are some of your goals in this role?

I am really excited to continue to work with UPMC Horizon and UPMC Jameson leadership. We are building a great team under the leadership of Dr. Beth Piccione, the President of the UPMC Horizon and Jameson hospital system. We have an opportunity to enhance the work UPMC Jameson and UPMC Horizon are doing, and in a broad sense my goal is to continue to work with our teams and support them in any way the foundations are able. I want to help make the patient experience as great as possible and help provide opportunities to improve community health while showcasing the work we are doing here. Ultimately, I think my team and I are here to serve others in any way that we can.

What type of things can you do to achieve your goals?

We really want to demonstrate to our staff that the foundations want to support them and their work. That might include engagement activities like bringing in food trucks like we did over the holidays, assisting with capital projects and equipment to improve our facilities, and programs like our transportation fund or discharge resource fund that support our patients. I plan to continue to work with community members and organizations that want to support the work of the hospitals. I also want to encourage the staff to reach out with ideas for ways the foundations can help them, our patients and our communities.

The work of growing our foundations is a long-term project and it will take some time to develop programs, events, and relationships with donors. I think we are going to see some strong growth in the future while also making a big impact in the short-term. I want to get our board and community involved in our work as well. Our goal is to get our community members to invest in us as much as we plan to invest in them.

What types of activities and events do you plan?

One of my goals is to consolidate some of our events so we can focus our efforts to make a fundraising impact. Our big event is our annual golf outing. It provides an opportunity for a lot of people to support the work of the foundations while showcasing for them the incredible work the UPMC Horizon and UPMC Jameson staff are doing. We will continue to look to do things that have a big return as we seek to grow the foundations.

What has been your favorite thing about UPMC Jameson and UPMC Horizon?

I have been here since October, and the best part of the job has been working with the people. It’s been impressive to see how enthusiastic everyone has been. From leadership on down, everyone is excited to see the foundations succeed and prosper. Everyone has been helpful, courteous, and willing to donate their time. They understand we are making a lot of changes as we adjust to new hospital leadership, and it’s been encouraging. There is lot of work to do, and I look forward to coming to work every day.

What is your favorite thing about Western Pennsylvania and some of your interests outside of work?

I like living in a place that is quiet and less hectic. My wife, Katie, and I live out in the country, and we love it. We like the outdoors, and we like to get out and hike and explore. I also am very active in my church, and I enjoy watching University of Michigan and Grove City College sports. 

What are your favorite types of food and local restaurants?

I make a pretty good pot of chili and taco salad. As far as restaurants, my wife and I are big fans of Talbots in Mercer, we like Rachel’s Roadhouse, and the Pizza Shack in Mercer.

What was your best vacation ever and the place you would most like to visit?

My best vacation was our honeymoon when we went out west. We visited Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon, and Sedona, Arizona. I love the mountains and going out west, though my wife is a big fan of beaches, so sometimes we want to travel to wildly different locations. I am an Egyptology buff, and someday I would like to go to Egypt and explore the ancient monuments and temples. Can’t right now, though – too busy at UPMC!

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