Your Impact

Every gift of every size makes an impact. 

The impact of each donation can be seen at work throughout our various programs. Your gift can…

  • provide transportation to patients who need to attend physician appointments
  • offer benevolence to support hospital employees during hardship
  • provide life-saving AEDs in community centers
  • support mothers with prenatal and postpartum care
  • assist cancer patients during treatment and celebrate with them in remission
  • provide dependable medical equipment to ensure patients and their loved ones have access to the tools they need to recover safely and with independence, and more!

Learn more about our programs to see the variety of ways the UPMC Horizon and Jameson Community Health Foundations are at work in our hospitals and community.

Impact by the numbers…


pieces of medical equipment were loaned to 2,500 people at no charge in the year 2019 thanks to the Medical Equipment Recycling Program (MERP)


Lifesaving Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) have been placed throughout public places in our area because of your generosity.


transports on average provided each year for patients who don’t have the means or capacity to get to and from their medical appointments.


in charitable contributions were distributed in 2020 alone to benefit our hospitals and community.


Impact is more than numbers, it’s lives touched by generosity.

Featured Story

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Jewel was a beneficiary of the Nurse-Family Partnership Program available through our Children’s Fund. In her words, learn about the impact this program had on her life and her family. 

“I want to take a moment to recognize a service that helped me become a better mother. I’m sharing this because many people, especially young mothers or expected mothers do not even know about this wonderful opportunity. Nurse-Family Partnership is a nonprofit organization that provides nurses to visit your home and educate you about what to expect while you are pregnant and most importantly what steps you can take to have your baby meet proper milestones and to keep them happy and healthy. Charley and I were lucky enough to have a special nurse selected for us, Emily. Emily has helped me in ways that I cannot explain or thank her enough for. Although Rob and I raise Charley, I have to give credit to Emily as well, for giving me the tools to become a better mother. Oh, not to mention she literally saved my life. After Charley was born she checked my blood pressure and noticed it was sky-high (something that the hospital I had her at did not monitor well,) that night I was rushed to the ICU at Magee, to find out I had postpartum preeclampsia and my kidneys were failing. Emily has been in my family’s life for over two years now, and today was her last visit. A stranger became not only a teacher/counselor/life savor…but a friend, who I am so blessed to have met.”

– Jewel,
Lawrence County

Tell us your story

Have the UPMC Horizon or Jameson Community Health Foundations made an impact in your life or in the life of a loved one? Tell us about it! Maybe a scholarship made it possible for your child to attend nursing school, or a parent was able to stay home independently because of equipment from MERP. Perhaps our transportation service made it possible for you to attend all your treatment appointments or you know someone saved by an AED we placed. We would love to know about how your life was touched by the programs made possible by our supporters.

Add to the Impact. Give Now.

The mission of the UPMC Horizon and Jameson Community Health Foundations is to promote healthy living through programs that provide education and improved access to health care. Your donation helps people in our area lead healthier lives.

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