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Our Mission

The Mission of the UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation and the UMPC Jameson Health Care Foundation is to develop the financial resources needed to enhance health and wellness, and support high-quality, accessible health care in our community.

About Us

The UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation was formed in 1998 after a reorganization of the Horizon Hospital System Foundation and a generous $1,000,000 endowment from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The Jameson Community Health Foundation joined UPMC after the purchase of Jameson Memorial Hospital was purchased by UPMC in 2016.

The Foundation boards have representation from the UPMC Horizon and Jameson Boards of Directors, hospital medical staff and administration and community members. Together, they all play a vital role in assessing and acting upon the needs of our hospitals and our community.

Our mission is primarily carried out by supporting the needs of patients, health care providers and our community. The Foundations work with our hospitals by assisting with specific projects, raising capital, and identifying and mitigating community health concerns.

You can see us at work…

  • providing transportation to patients who need to attend physician appointments
  • offering benevolence to support Horizon employees during hardship
  • providing life-saving AEDs in community centers
  • supporting mothers with prenatal and postpartum care including providing supplies to care for their newborn
  • assisting cancer patients during treatment and celebrating with them in their remission
  • providing dependable medical equipment to ensure patients have access to the tools they need to recover safely and with independence

And that’s not all, learn more about our various funds to see the causes we support.

UPMC Horizon Foundation & UPMC Jameson Foundation Board of Directors

  • Mr. Jay Bruce
  • Mr. Frank C. Mindicino
  • Mr. Randy Silverman
  • Mr. Jerry Trontel
  • Ms. Alyson Fisher
  • Mr. Scott Graubard
  • Ms. Kelly Conger
    Ms. Patsy Maxim
    Ms. Margaret Noel
    Mr. Dale Perelman
    Ms. Jessica Phillips
    Mr. Tom Sabol
  • Dr. Elizabeth Piccione
    Hospital President
  • Mr. Michael Tracy
    Hospital CFO
  • Mr. Adam Nowland
    Foundation Director

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