A Faster Way to Clean and Sterilize Equipment?

Jan 15, 2016

We found a really great machine that might actually help MERP staff and volunteers to get out from under that mountain of uncleaned medical equipment!  The equipment washer is like a giant dishwasher made specifically for medical equipment.

In November, we found a facility in our area using one of these machines, and we just had to go take a look!  MERP representatives traveled to St. Paul Homes in Greenville to look at their equipment washer, the same brand of washer we are seeking.

The washer has been used at St. Paul’s for years, assisting them in the cleaning and sterilizing of their resident’s wheelchairs.  They were kind enough to start it up for us, so we could see it in action!

The main reason we have to put someone on a waiting list is that although we have the equipment, it is not yet cleaned and sanitized.  This machine would definitely help us to alleviate some of our waiting lists!  We are hoping to raise the funds and possibly secure some grant funding to purchase our own equipment washer sometime in 2016.

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