UPMC Jameson’s Christmas Presents

Jan 12, 2024

MERP Greenville Moving

While there’s never an ideal time for a child to need to visit a hospital, the weeks immediately before and after Christmas can be among the hardest. However, thanks to a generous gift made by a donor couple who wishes to remain anonymous, the UPMC Jameson Emergency Department had the opportunity to make those visits just a little easier this year.

The donors’ contribution enabled the UPMC Jameson Health Care Foundation to provide more than 80 Christmas gifts to children during their trips to Jameson Hospital over the holiday season. Each child received a gift bag which included a drawing tablet and stuffed animal during their stay, handed out by the staff members treating them.

The Foundation offers its sincere appreciation to the donors who made the gifts possible on behalf of the patient who received them and the hospital staff who were able to provide them!

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