Patient Transportation

The UPMC Horizon & Jameson Foundations’ Patient Transportation Fund mobilizes healthy equity by ensuring patients have access to healthcare.

The UPMC Horizon & Jameson Foundations’ Transportation Fund serves a vital, yet often invisible, need in our local community. Ensuring that residents have access to high-quality healthcare is one of the most important objectives of the Foundations.

Unfortunately, many people lack the resources they need to go to or from doctors’ appointments, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Without those resources, they may be forced to choose to skip an appointment or make a difficult decision on spending money on gas instead of food or other needs.

The Transportation Fund helps address that need by ensuring that local patients are able to get to or from a UPMC healthcare facility when they need to in order to receive routine, preventative or even urgent care. The Fund may provide access to a local ride service, public transportation, or even gas cards where necessary to ensure that patients do not miss scheduled care, or are able to safely return home after visiting a hospital. The Fund is utilized by UPMC healthcare providers to schedule or arrange transportation when necessary.

The Transportation Fund often works behind the scenes but is one of the most vital services the Foundation provides. Your tax-deductible donation to the Fund ensures that sufficient resources are available to ensure patients can access the care they need. Please consider supporting the Fund and supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our community across Mercer and Lawrence Counties and the surrounding region!

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